Take Down® sprays are now available in canisters using omnidirectional technology.

Omni advantages include:
• deploys a consistent stream from any angle, even upside down
• allows for continuous spray
• total product evacuation


Spray Patterns


Sprays farther and sticks on contact to minimize cross-contamination. When used indoors there is less chance of contaminating the surrounding areas or affecting bystanders. When used outdoors it reduces the chance of blowback in windy conditions. The non-flammable formula will not ignite with stun guns or similar electronic devices. . A MK-III unit reaches distances up to 18 feet.


Delivers a blast of active agent in a targeted liquid stream. A MK-III unit sprays a targeted stream of 8 to 12 feet.


Foggers spray in a cone-shaped pattern to quickly blanket a large area. A MK-III unit will reach up to 8 feet.


The thick foam formula discharges in a blast to cover an attacker’s face forcing the eyes to slam shut making it difficult to see. A MK-III unit will spray a distance of 8 to 10 feet.