Take Down® brand is a line a of OC Pepper and Tear Gas sprays manufactured by Mace Personal Defense & Security, Inc.

Since 1970 Mace® has been the original trusted brand in defense sprays and the Take Down® line of pepper sprays continues a long-standing commitment to providing quality products for law enforcement and security personnel.

From the maximum strength OC pepper formula of Take Down Extreme® to the blended formula that combines the power of tear gas with OC pepper—Take Down® offers a wide variety of less-than-lethal sprays.



Mace Security International, Inc., returns to a core business of supplying less-lethal tactical munitions and weapons systems for law enforcement, corrections and military markets.



Introducing the all new Take Down® Tactical Handle from Mace Tactical Solutions. An effective and efficient way to deploy OC aerosol spray through virtually any riot or capture shield on the market today.


The TG Guard Security Protection System is designed to move disruptive inmates out of an affected area without sending in correctional officers who could be harmed or taken hostage.The TG Guard System is typically installed in high traffic or common areas where the maintenance of security is most challenging, such as dining halls, gymnasiums, and work areas.
Remote-fired, stationary chemical agent network stops trouble fast, while protecting inmates, personnel and property.
Over 15 years of proven technology that will not become obsolete. Spare parts readily available.
Entire system can be operated by one individual.
Can be easily retrofitted to existing facilities, or designed into new Construction.
In use today in correctional facilities, embassies, and other sensitive installations around the world.

For more information visit www.tgguard.com

The TG Guard Security Protection System is operated through a secure remote console to selectively deploy a tear gas agent in an area where a disruption is occurring.

The TG Guard System deploys a powerful tear gas deterrent agent from single or multi-fixture dispensers. The fixtures are tamper-resistant and inaccessible to the general population.