MTS offers this 5 Day SWAT course providing students with the fundamentals of SWAT tactics and operations including basic SWAT, advanced SWAT, HRT, ballistic shields, armored vehicle training, operational planning, team leader development, basic sniper, sniper fieldcraft, breaching, vehicle and bus assaults, less lethal and chemical munitions, subgun, tactical rifle and tactical shotgun.

Our SWAT courses exceed the NTOA standard 40hr course and meet or exceed most state standards. Since our courses are recognized in several states they are often eligible for grant funding and CE credits.


• Communications, Negotiations, Intel Gathering

• Develop Team Tactics

• Entry, Perimeter, Sniper Operations

• Less Lethal Munitions, OC, Tear Gas, Impact, Flash Bangs

• Weapons training, Rifle, Shotgun, Handgun

• Physical Training


Basic SWAT Operator Course $650