Mace Tactical Solutions

Mace Security International, Inc., returns to a core business of supplying less-lethal tactical munitions and weapons systems for law enforcement, corrections and military markets. Mace® Tactical Solutions, a new division of MaceSecurity International, Inc. has now expanded its offerings to include a complete line of chemical and impact munitions and flash bang devices to its law enforcement, corrections and military customers. MTS now offers these end users a “one-stop shop” for less-lethal products to perform their invaluable duties.

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About Mace Security International, Inc.
(OTCPINK: MACE) Mace® Brand Means Security
. We empower your world through safety & security.
Mace Security International, Inc., located in Cleveland, Ohio, is a diversified manufacturer and provider of personal defense and security products to consumer and business market segments under the world renowned Mace® Brand. Since 1970, Mace® Brand has been the original trusted brand for personal defense sprays, while continuously adding high quality security products to the brand line through the years. Mace® Brand supports their products by providing warranty and educational programs for all of the various products and services.
Mace® Brand directly distributes and supports its branded products and services through strategically targeted customer channels that include mass market retailers, wholesale distributors, independent dealers, e-commerce marketers, and installation service providers.

  • Personal Defense Products: Mace® Brand is the original trusted brand of pepper spray products for self-defense against attacks by people and animals. Mace® Brand has over 40 years experience developing aerosol defense spray dispensing technologies for both the consumer and law enforcement markets around the world. Mace® Brand is the original manufacturer and the market leader in the defense spray segment.
  • Personal & Home Protection Products: Mace® Brand produces portable safety solutions for every personal and home protection need. We design and manufacture products, which provide peace of mind for our consumers.
  • Electronic Security & Surveillance Products: Mace® Brand has an entire line of high quality security cameras, digital video recorders, observation monitors and installation accessories for CCTV and IP network-based video surveillance, as well as wireless alarm security systems for local and remote monitoring. We design and manufacture surveillance equipment for every need, with both analog and high definition solutions.
  • Personal Security & Safety Wearables: Mace Wear™ is a family of products that features innovative wearable devices related to safety, security and overall personal well-being and is supported by strategic partnerships between Mace Security International, Inc., and innovative technology companies.
  • Security Monitoring Services: Mace® Brand partners with Security Partners which owns three UL/ETL/CSAA Five Diamond listed central monitoring stations throughout the USA providing full-service security & life-safety alarm monitoring to the wholesale security trade. This relationship allows Mace® Brand to provide residential, commercial, and industrial sector customers with alarm, video, and PERS monitoring services through independent security dealers.

Our mission is empowering your world through safety & security, and we mean it. We deliver the best in safety and security products and services. Through innovative products, support programs and personal customer service, we are the #1 globally recognized consumer brand in safety and security.